CH Thule's Snøprinsen

CH Thule's Snøprinsen

We have waited years for you to come; your birth was a unique moment in time. For both the vet and me it was inconceivable you had been growing in a pussy womb for 66 days. You had a great will to live; you were my beautiful little lad. Your incredibly loving and moving temper made me decide not to sell you, I wanted to keep you. To my great sorrow and regret we didn’t get to enjoy you very long, you lived only 18 months. Your suddenly changing temper, in which you were not you any more, made us decide to let you go. The post mortem showed that you were bothered by lung oedema and a hypertrophy of the left ventricular of the heart. Test of the tissue said that there where no abnormalities. You were tight in the chest. In retrospect we understand why you reacted the way you did.
Prins, we still miss you

FeLV and FIV negative
HCM/PKD and CIN negative 2006-06-16
Birthweight: 134 gram
Weight 7 months: 4,2 kg

CH Thule's Snøprinsen Foto van CH Thule's Sn prinsen